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Revised version of pressurized CO2 system

Having spent the better part of the last year researching options and 
experiment with different setups, my CO2 system has had two changes made:

1.  A Norgren regulator is now provided instead of a Cornelius
2.  A needle valve is offered, and encouraged if fish are involved


1.  My experiments showed that Norgren's dump a little less than Cornelius 
regulators.  Since I was able to keep the cost increase to me moderate, 
there is no increase in price, in fact, in recognition of little wholesale 
volume, the price of the system is decreased to $109.95

2.  Before, the only needle valve I trusted was the Hoke, which is very 
nice but very expensive.   Since then I have discovered the Fabco NV-55 
which is a very nice valve too, and I can sell it for only $25, including 
all needed adaptors.  With a reasonably priced needle valve now available, 
I now recommend the use of a needle valve if there are fish in your 
tank.   If no fish, the needle valve is still an unnecessary expense IMHO.

I hope you enjoy the freedom from yeast maintenance that pressurized CO2 

BTW, many folks have asked whether pressurized CO2 isn't expensive.   It 
does have a high initial cost (close to $200), but after that it is 
actually cheaper than yeast.  If you value your time at burger-flipping 
wages, you can recover the high initial cost in 2 years according to my 

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco       gomberg at wcf dot com
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