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Diatom Filter....MANY thanks!

To everyone on this board that posted info on using diatom filters to get
rid of green water: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm somewhat of a
novice (an obsessed one like most of you I expect, so I'm learning quickly)
and getting that tip was a huge timesaver for me. I spent $55 on a Vortex
D-1 and another $5.99 at the pool store (thanks for that tip, too) for a 10
lb. bag of diatomite and got rid of the green water in an afternoon. The
reason I got the green water in the first place was through my negligence in
replacing a depleted CO2 source, so this should do the trick. The water is
sparkling! The only problem I had was with the "self-priming" method for the
D-1; I didn't clamp the outflow hose quick enough after priming and got a
bit of diatomite in the tank and it's a bit of a pain to clean up though
siphoning seems to be the best method. My amano shrimp seem to like it,

Just as a point of reference concerning the topic of the month, I've shopped
online for non-live stuff almost exclusively at bigalsonline.com and
thatpetplace.com and have been more than satisfied with all orders.  Great
customer service at both places.

Thanks again.