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Re: Aquascaping for a novice

> I would like to find some books on the subject
> of the design element of the hobby.  How to aquascape from a design
> perspective, techniques, elements, and the whys and why nots of design.
> specific books would be helpful.  I KNOW there must be something printed
> the matter, last time I visited the AGA yearly contest Showcase for
> aquascaped aquariums, I looked at every single picture and noticed the
> had made very specific design and aquascaping notions that their judging
> based upon.  I want to know what those notions are.  Any help for this
> novice?

Did you look at the Resources section of the AGA Showcase/Contest web-site?
I included a number links to excellent web sites specific to aquascaping,
and by looking through the list, I'm sure that you can find many more.

The 3 Amano books can also provide you with a wealth of information and
"food for thought" on how to make an attractive aquascape.

James Purchase