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Design and Aquascaping for a novice.

Hello all,

    I have a 37 Gallon tank that has been in operation since Feb, 2001.  It
is doing quite well, and so far I am very pleased, and thoroughly enjoy just
to sit there and look at the many elements in the tank.  Unfortunately I but
a novice to this art of aquascaping, and I think the tank shows it.
something is just not right about the arrangement, and being the nevertiring
tinkerer that I am, seem to move objects and plants to find a good design.
So I bring this up to  you, as I have been purchasing several books on
aquatic plants and gardening, I would like to find some books on the subject
of the design element of the hobby.  How to aquascape from a design
perspective, techniques, elements, and the whys and why nots of design.  Any
specific books would be helpful.  I KNOW there must be something printed on
the matter, last time I visited the AGA yearly contest Showcase for
aquascaped aquariums, I looked at every single picture and noticed the judge
had made very specific design and aquascaping notions that their judging was
based upon.  I want to know what those notions are.  Any help for this

Pondering my arrangement yet again,

Andres Mumma

Clearwater, FL