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Re: Maill order plants

Hello Keith and Lisa,

you wrote:
<Is there a mail order company out there that can package plants so
that they don't come to your door
either with smashed into the smallest box possible or "lovingly"
wadded up in newspaper?>......hehe

I, too, was in your position. I chuckled when I saw your post because I know:
1. exactly which outfit you're talking about
2. exactly how your plants (and faces) looked when you took them out of the box.....if you indeed got all that you ordered

Anyway, to answer your question, yes. There are places to get plants that are better than others.
My favorite is Delaware Aquatic Imports for everyday stuff. They have *every* crypt you could ever want as well as most swords and aponogetons,anubias and a respectable stock of other stuff. I have the good fortune of living in Delaware and have seen the operation first hand. Mike T. is a great guy and will answer your calls and questions as well as add some info you probably didn't ask for anyway:) He knows his plants albeit he is a bit old fashioned.....

The other guys I have dealt with on a MO basis is Aquarium Center in Randallstown MD. They have *lots* of unusual stuff and is fairly reasonably priced. Once again, I live in Delaware and can drive there in an hour or so, so mail order should be fairly safe.

You didn't mention where you live, but your best bet is to find a place that is as close as possible to home.

BTW, neither glossostigma nor R. macrandra ship especially well. Are there any other hobbyists in your area that would give/trade you some? 

Best of luck, and if you live anywhere near Delaware, I'm sure we could work something out for some glosso;)