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Amano shrimp - will other fish eat them??

An LFS here in Calgary, Alberta has what they say are Amano 
shrimp for what sounds like a reasonable price 
($3 or $4 CDN - I don't remember...).  They are about 
0.75" - 1" long.  I thought I would get a few, but before I did, I 
wanted to make sure that the other fish in my tank won't 
regard the shrimp as a gourmet (and expensive) snack.

Can anyone tell me if my other fish will eat the shrimp?  The
fish I have are:

     - Praecox Rainbows  (Melanotaenia praecox); almost fully
     - Hengel's Rasboras (Rasbora hengeli)
     - Neon Tetras       (Paracheirodon innesi)
     - SAEs              (Crossocheilus siamensis)
     - Corydora catfish  (I don't know what species)
     - Otocinclus        (again, I don't know what species)
My tank is not very heavily planted (just a few java ferns; I'm
looking to get a nice big tank with lights and lots of plants and
- but that's another story), so I don't know if the shrimp would have 
that many places to hide.

Thanks for the help!
T.  =8)
Titus Mathews