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mild caution on SAE

Hi everyone,

While I agree that SAE are good for planted tanks, I had a recent experience
that should result in a "mild" caution:

One of the SAEs persistently sucked the slime off the sides of my discus! I
finally had to net him out (along with 6 others, since I wasn't sure which
one was guilty). This is very unusual, and I noted in Karen Randall's
article about discus in planted tanks that she has not found it to be a
problem. I have had SAE's for years without incident. This might have been
an anomaly. I am sure it was a true SAE, in case you're wondering... But
this was a recent batch of relatively young ones.

I have also noted that they tend to become pigs and are interested more in
the discus food than algae. This is not true of my bushynose pleco
(ancistrus termineckii) who stay to themselves and work on the greenspot
glass algae.

FWIW, I wouldn't say stay away from SAE, but they wouldn't be my first