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RE: Algae Eaters

Thanks Charles for Your post....
I can only add that SAEs became very
popular in Poland, they're great algae eaters (they eliminate those
and Kevin.... they're worth to try.

I have to confess. that I didn't belive that SAEs are so good..
(it was about 2 years ago), but after buying a group of them...
....I havn't seen any of black-bird-algae since then ! :)

I'm thinking about Your's Amano Shrimp...
..where can I find their photos in the net coz I'm not sure
if  I'm thinking about the right one's ? I'm wondering if it's
hard to get them in my country..hmm...what about the USA ?
Are they easy to find in bigger shops ?

Best Regards..(God thanks for this list :)
Piotr Baszucki (piotr at baszucki_net)
.............    ....     .....