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Re: Water exchange system

> I am seeking information/directions on DIY water exchange system for
> multiple tanks. I wish to put in a low budget, permanent, or at least, a
> "remain in place" system that is easy to use, less tedious, less time
> consuming and more water saving than individual tank exchange method like
> water Python gizmo.

The system I made is temporary but could be made permanent. I use a 25'
garden hose, with appropriate fittings on each end, to change water. One end
has a ball valve and fittings to connect to a water connection I installed
under a sink. The other end of the hose connects to an inverted  'U' shaped
fabrication of PVC pipe that includes another ball valve. I drop the open
end of the 'U' shape into the tank, the other end of the hose is placed in a
bathtub (but could go outside to a flower bed), open both valves and drain
to the desired level. Then I close one ball valve, connect the end in the
tub to the water connection under the sink, open the valves and refill. Then
close all the valves and store the hose full of water so the siphon will
start by itself next time. Easy.

The connection under the sink is easy to do if it is a relatively modern
home with cutoff valves right there under the sink. They make a 'T' fitting
exactly for this purpose. I used an 18" flexible stainless tube, like the
ones that go up to the sink faucet, with a brass ball valve on the end. It
takes several brass adapters to go between the garden hose fitting and 1/2"
PVC fittings, but it can be done. Home Despot had everything except the 'T'
fitting under the sink.