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Re: free to a good home

> From: Jason f Smith <jsmith02 at astro_ocis.temple.edu> 
> Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 21:13:39 -0400 (EDT) 
> In-Reply-To: <200106181948.PAA27413 at actwin_com> 
> Anyone interested in receiving a free in Philadelphia area (or you pay
> shipping) an assortment of swords (bleheri and grandiflorus I think),
> Ludwigia repens, Aponogenton rigidifolius, Cryptocoryne undulata?, Cabomba
> caroliniana, Bacopa monnieri, and another Crypt I can't identify, please
> contact me off the list. They won't survive 4 days in a moving van :(
> As an alternative, if anyone can tell me how I can get them to survive 4
> days in a moving van (to 110deg AZ) I would appreciate that as well.
> Thank you;
Wrap them up in wet absorbant paper and put them in a little styrofoam
cooler and carry them in your car instead of in the back of the van. 
Or let them ride in the cab with the driver instead of in the back
with the other cargo.  HTH :-)