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Sailfin Pleco

Jay wrote: And a ?  In the same article the author states in a photo
caption, "The
top "sailfin" is a clue this gibbiceps may not do well in the planted
tank."  The article does not clearly state why.  Is it because of
potential large size, plant eating habit, or water quality needs?  I
recently saw a posting on another board that recomended a sailfin in a
planted tank based on the posting individuals experience.   Also, "this
gibbiceps",  what is the scientific name of most commonly available
sailfin?  Baensch #1, pg. 490 shows Hypostomus punctuatus.  Is this a
sailfin and if so what is gibbiceps?

I have a sailfin pleco in my tank and he definitely will do a number on
sword leaves. He doesn't bother any of the other plants other than the
occasional uprooting of stem plants due to his clumsy movements. He hides
most of the day and is rarely seen.