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Re: Tube life and peat

Damian Barton is worried that the use of peat moss in his aquarium might
endanger natual ecosystems. He lives in Australia.

Damian, I don't know if peat is harvested in Australia or not, I'd guess
that the climate there might be a bit on the warm and dry side for peat to
grow very well, but here in Canada we have more than enough cold and
moisture to have 25% of the world's supply happily sucking Carbon Dioxide
out of the atmosphere. Canadian pet moss is sold in countries throughout the
world and is usually labelled as to source.

The harvesting and processing of peat moss for agricultural use is a big
deal in parts of Canada and the producers are justifyiably proud of their
product and of the way they treat the natural ecosystems from which it
comes. Check out the web site of the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association
(http://www.peatmoss.com/). They have lots of information on how peat is
harvested, how the bogs are treated before, during and following harvesting,
and many facts which should allay your fears that your using peat moss is
going to do any damage to a natural ecosystem. There is a whole section on
Peat and the Environment.

At least here in Canada, peat is accumulating at a rate 70 times faster than
it is being harvested, and all peat lands that have been harvested are "back
in business" so to speak within 5-20 years. While your concern for not
contributing to the damage of natural ecosystems is commendable, Mother
Nature would be better served if you got rid of your automobile and started
using a bicycle.

James Purchase