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Tube life and peat.

Hi everyone
a while back I asked about whether different fluro tubes last longer, as
no one replied I'm just going to assume that with whatever fluroescent
tube you use they all lose their effectiveness and must be replaced
every 6 months (no matter how much you paid for it or whatever the spiel
is on the package).

I also forgot to ask a question about peat; I use it my tank, the fish
love it but I don't like the fact of where it comes from and that
harvesting causes destruction of eco-systems.

Can coco-peat derived from coconuts be used as an alternative? The
package says it has a neutral to acid ph but does it have the same
benefits as peat does in terms of releasing humic acids etc? Also what
do you think about the risk that some coconut plantations are closer to
the coastline and therefore have a high saline content?

Thanks Damian.