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Re: MetaFrame tanks

>Hello Folks:
>    Does anyone know of a source for getting the old Metaframe (metal >frame)
>tanks refurbished -- new glass, slate, and bedding sealant.  I have an old
>one I like and want to keep.  It sprang a leak today.  I am getting a new
>larger glass tank, but happen to like the looks of the old Metaframe.  

I repaired two of these tanks in the past myself and it wasn't very
difficult. Unlike the new all-glass tanks (the kind, not the brand), the
old metal-framed tanks hold the glass panes up while you work and it's lots
easier. As long as the slate is in good shape you can get new glass panes
cut at many hardware stores. Remove the old panes using the methods that
have been mentioned on the list recently (razor blades, acetone, etc...),
then place the new panes in and use masking tape to hold them to the frame
while you work. There should be a bed of silicone on the slate BEFORE
putting the glass on the slate for the glass to "sqoosh" into to make a
good seal. Sealing the panes to each other is pretty standard, again using
recently discussed methods.

BTW, watch out moving those slate-bottomed tanks. They are *HEAVY*. The
slate is not nearly as strong as it looks either. I know.....:-/