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MetaFrame tanks

Hello Folks:
    Does anyone know of a source for getting the old Metaframe (metal frame)
tanks refurbished -- new glass, slate, and bedding sealant.  I have an old
one I like and want to keep.  It sprang a leak today.  I am getting a new
larger glass tank, but happen to like the looks of the old Metaframe.  
    Now for the good stuff -- some of you attended last years AGA conference
in Chatanooga.  What kind of temptations can one expect to encounter there? 
I have heard of the plant auctions and wonderful guest speakers, but are
there manufacturers and vendors of aquarium equipment as well?  Booksellers?
I am trying to get a clue as to how much I will want to spend for such
temptations and how much carry-on luggage space I need to allocate on my
return trip.  
    Thanks, Diana   

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