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Re: CO2 injector (putting gas into intake strainer on Eheims)

Just to expand on what Daphne posted:

The Eheim Pro and 22xx series canister filters use a  3 piece rigid plastic 
intake strainer assembly: The strainer, a solid collar that attaches to the 
strainer, and the J tube that attaches to the collar. There are 3 vertical 
cuts in the strainer and the collar where they attach to one another. What I 
did was to buy a 1/8" x 1/8" barbed plastic 90 degree elbow from Home Depot 
(about $2.90 in Atlanta). They are sold near the vinyl tubing. and are very 
small whitish plastic pieces. This size fits CO2 tubing perfectly. Take an 
exacto knife and widen one of the slits on the strainer and collar just a 
little at a time until the part behind the barb on one side of the elbow 
slides into the widened slit on the strainer/collar. The barbed part holds 
the elbow in place within the strainer/collar, and the other side of the 
elbow faces straight up to receive the CO2 line from the tank. No silicone or 
anything needed, and no major destruction of the Eheim strainer assembly.