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Re: How Much does CO2 Cost?

Depends on the price of CO2 where you are. Here in mid-south USA, it's about
$8 every 6 months on my 45gal (to refill my 5 lb. CO2 cylinder). UK may have
weird "global warming" taxes or some such that make it higher. ;) Seriously,
numerous factors such as injection efficiency, amount of plants, amount of
light, etc, will affect your CO2 needs, but generally you'll probably use
about 5lbs of CO2 every 6 or 8 months on your 160L aquarium. Call your local
gas supplier and see what it costs to fill a 5lb cylinder, then divide by 6
or 8.

Dan Dixon

> From: Mohammad Ali Jafri <jafri at doc_ic.ac.uk>
> Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 09:23:27 +0100
> Subject: How Much does CO2 Cost?
> hi!
> I'm planning on gettting a CO2 kit for my tank- I'm willing to pay a
> reasonable
> sum to buy one, but i'm concerned over how much it will cost me to
> *maintain*.
> Could some please give me an estimate of how much a CO2 unit would
> typically
> cost to maintain  per month in the UK, given that I have a160 litre tank.
> thx-
> M. Ali,
> london