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co2 cost to maintain bottle


I don't know about the UK, but here's my cost in Minnesota. I just recently

5 gal bottle - the bottle is initially $55, refills are $12.50. One refill
lasted me >3 months on my 55 gallon tank.
10 gal bottle - the bottle is $74, refills are $13.67.
20 gal bottle - the bottle is $95, refills are $14.something.

I just upgraded to a 20 gal bottle because I upgraded to a 120 gallon tank
and the 5 gal bottle only lasted me 4-5 weeks. I keep my pH at 7.0 and kH at
4. As you can see, the refill cost is negligible. The initial bottle cost
isn't cheap, but the bigger the bottle, the more economical in the long run.
I can fit a 20 gal under my tankstand, which is the reason I decided to
upgrade, plus I hate changing the darn things.

Hope this is helpful, even though it's not UK. Good luck