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Re: Quick rise vs. Regular Yeast

> I'm wondering if quick rise yeast burns out faster
> than regular yeast.  I know it starts to work more
> quickly.  Those of you that do yeast co2 - what do you
> use?  If I don't get this question answered, I will
> die.  My life is in your hands.
> Thanks, Cavan

Hi Cavan.

I don't use yeast reactors anymore.  But here is what I know about quick
rise yeast.  Its higher protein than regular, and takes 125-130 degree
water to activate.   In baking, its immediately active, and bread rises
very fast indeed, and it peters out, FAST.  I don't imagine it would
make a good candidate for CO2.

I've often wondered if a sourdough culture would be better in a reactor
than just plain dry yeast.  It seems it would give a much slower, longer
"burn".  Say, maybe, not in a water base.  Just in a much smaller,
closed glass container.  Anyone tried it?