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Re: Phosphate test kit & invitation?

Cavan wrote - "Here are some more questions.  Can't you order directly
from LaMotte?  Is there a shipping cost?  I think no from what I've been
able to find so far on the webiste.  If so, the why order from Pet
Warehouse?  Ordering right from the source is cheaper, right?"

Ordering directly from LaMotte is more expensive than ordering from
Petwarehouse.  Each item costs more and if you are ordering other
supplies from PW shipping is less.  Manufacturers are generally wise not
to undercut their real lifeblood, the retailer.

Jared wrote - "The one gripe I have with the LaMotte kits is their
low-range iron kit
which I find hard to read at the low end. "

I share that gripe, it was what initiated my call to LaMotte.  With some
experimenting have been able to get "pretty good" with the kit.  I find
that the source of light is critical to getting a reliable reading.

Jay Reeves