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Re: UV

An excellent book covering UV is P.R. Escobal's "Aquatic Systems
Engineering: Devices and How They Function (expanded 2nd edition, which I
haven't seen). It contains tables with the exact dosages to kill specific
pathogens. Keep in mind that he may have in mind single-pass systems as
opposed to continuous-cycling through the UV as we have in our tanks. In
addition to max. flow rate, I think there is also a minimum flow rate to
prevent the bulb from overheating.

I don't think a UV is a substitute for quarantining new fish: whether or
not the UV gets to a pathogen before the pathogen gets to a healthy fish is
one issue. For centralized filtration, breeding tanks, etc. UV may well
have an important role. We have an 8-watt UV which I got when ordering and
designing our setup. We've never had a problem with green water or
bacterial blooms. I don't think it's something you need to run out and get.

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