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Re: ordering LaMotte kits direct or from Pet Warehouse

On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 09:11:32PM -0700, Cavan wrote:
> First of all, thank you to Jay Reeves for answering
> every question I was about to ask about the LaMotte
> phosphate kit.  
> Here are some more questions.  Can't you order
> directly from LaMotte?  Is there a shipping cost?  I
> think no from what I've been able to find so far on
> the webiste.  If so, the why order from Pet Warehouse?
> Ordering right from the source is cheaper, right?

Ordering directly from a supplier is often *not* cheaper than from a
retailer; retailers often receive substantial discounts for buying in
volume and they often then pass some of that on to you, especially if
doing so means they can undercut the competition.

I'm not sure if LaMotte kits are cheaper through a mail-order pet
store. That of course is easy to check; the only kits I've ever
ordered directly from them were kits not available from a retailer.  I
do know that if you order from LaMotte directly you have to meet their
$25 minimum order requirements (hopefully I'm remembering that dollar
amount right). They do provide wonderful service, however - I've
spoken to both their technical and sales people and been very pleased,
plus anytime I've ordered from them I've received the order in 2 or 3
days. Nice.

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