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Re: Quiet filters

Hello Brad et al.....

Brad wrote:
<I have used the Emperor 400 and the HOT
Magnum, both of which have been noisy.  

My HOTs are so quiet that sometimes I have to put my hand in the outflow to make sure it is still working. If yours is noisy, then it's broken. 

I bought a Fluval 103 off of the clearance rack at my LFS and I should've known it was there for a reason. It worked fine for a few weeks, but now it is noisy and weak despite all of my tinkering efforts.

You are absolutely right about being somewhat limited in your media choices for the HOTs, but they come with the micron sleeve, and enough media room to stuff with a reasonable amount of cut up soda straw (or your media of choice!).

The only thing I've found quieter than the HOTs is my aquaclear mini. 

What does everyone out think about how the Emperors/Whispers stack up against Aquaclear?