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RE: Amazon Sword too big

>In my dirt garden, with hostas or any perennial, I would spade into the
>cut the plant in half, and keep one half planted, move or compost the other
>half - can I work the same way with an amazon sword plant that has gotten

To keep my swords size down, I peel off the outer leaves at the base until
the plant is small enough.  Just locate the oldest outer leaves, grab them
as far down as possible, and slide your finger inside the stem down the base
until it peels off.  No stems are left to rot that way, and you end up with
the newest leaves left in the center.  ...and another approach for a
situation...  I recently had to "disassemble" an old sword in my tank.  I
thought it was one plant until I started feeling around while peeling
It was actually 6 plants clustered together and joined by a single thick
In this case, I just broke them all apart and picked the prettiest 3.  3 of
them were real poor, being in the center, so the choice was easy.  I
them and peeled off the old leaves.  They have come back like wildfire.  Be
gentle with the root ball though since they will be all tangled up.