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Re: Phosphate Test Kits

The recent queries regarding phosphate test kits have neglected one
potentially important issue - most (if not all) test kits are very sensitive
to contamination of the test liquid and/or test apparatus by improper
procedures. For example, one poster said that she crumbled a reagent tablet
with her fingers. People wash their hands with soap, which leaves a
phosphate residue on the skin. There is a strong possibility that any
results obtained using this method is influenced by the phosphate introduced
from the improper handling of the tablet. You are not even supposed to wash
the test vials with soap and water. My LaMotte Phosphate Test Kit (#7416)
contains the following caution: Do not use soaps or detergents containing
phosphates to wash the test tubes. While it may not be rocket science, you
do have to follow the proper procedures if you wish to be able to get
accurate results from any test kit.

James Purchase