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LaMotte PO4/CO2/Fe Kits

I have the LaMotte #LaMotte 7416 Phosphate kit, which uses a different
method (from the 1-2 ppm kit) to test the 0-1 ppm range. This kit also has
eight sealed liquid references in the "comparator" with the "axial reader"
-- you are looking down the length of the test tubes, which concentrates
faint colors.  You could, if necessary, dilute your test water with
distilled water to test higher PO4 concentrations (e.g. a 1:1 dilution to
test in the 1-2 ppm range).

The LaMotte CO2 kit (#LaMotte 7297-DR) is one of their least expensive. The
Krib chart, however, is fine for calculating your CO2 and I get very good
agreement (usually to withing 2 ppm). The Krib chart is accurate in the
(typical) case where you do not add any non-carbonate commercial
pH-buffering products. Its accuracy also depends on your having an accurate
pH reading. Another nice thing about having the CO2 kit is that with any
two of your KH/pH/CO2 readings you can use the Krib chart to derive the
third, which I find a nice check of my kits.

Odering LaMotte online is a few dollars cheaper than odering directly from
lamotte.com but the selection of kits is limited. I would like to think
that the reagents are fresh in kits from an online store with a big
turnover, but this is another consideration.

As I have posted, LaMotte kits IMO are superb and worth the money (refills
are reasonable).  Both companies usually make several kits for any one
parameter. These differ in range, test method, resolution, price, etc. Good
information at lamotte.com and hach.com and their technical (and
commercial) phone support are excellent. 

The one gripe I have with the LaMotte kits is their low-range iron kit
which I find hard to read at the low end. Hach 1465-00 is much superior. I
understand that SeaChem has a modification of their iron kit to facilitate
measuring the low end of the test range.

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