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Re: Re: plant tank filters-again

Hello, I've used H.O.T.s, Magnums, and the new fluval 304 and have to say
that the latter is the least reliable of the bunch. It is kind of a pain to
get started everytime and does seem to slow down a great deal as the sponge
section gets clogged. Plus, for our applications, you need modify the
outflow to go further below the water line than it's made to (to minimize
surface agitation). And the impeller has completely stopped on more than one
occasion for no apparent reason, forcing me to open up the whole thing to
jumpstart it. I'd think mine was a dud but I've heard similar stories from
other people. The biggest plus is the 'no bypass' feature allowing all the
media to be utilized. I'm excited about the new filstar XP-3 which boasts
the same features and then some. The magnums seem to be great workhorses but
you're very limited as to how much media you can use. ONLY problem I've had
so far might be a worn impeller magnet. No big deal. Took 3+ years for that
to happen and could still probably go for another 3 without being replaced.
Hope my experience with these 3 models will help with your decision. -Kurt