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Phophate test kit

> So then I repeated the test on my tap water, and got exactly the same
> result except that the color was maybe a tiny bit lighter.  My tap water
> contains no phosphate to speak of.  I even talked to my water utility
> about it.  They don't add phosphorus and their tests don't detect
> phosphorus in any of our 50 or so wells, so they don't report it on
> their website.  Unfortunately their detection limit is 0.5 mg/l as P,
> which is too high.  So then I checked USGS published analyses and found
> (as I recalled from work early in my career) that water from deep wells
> in our aquifer here contains essentially no phosphorus (detection limit
> 0.01 or 0.02 mg/l as P).
Roger I feel your pain.  I did everything you just described.  I had the
exact same result, and I mean exact.  I finally concluded the test kit
was useless for my water.  I also figured there must be a lot of
silicate as well.  The only difference was I didn't get a little tablet
crusher.  I had to shake like thirty minutes just to get that crappy
precipitate.  Now, I think its likely neither of us are crazy, thats
just the way the kit works.

If you find one that works let me know, please. (hope AP doesn't sue us
;) )

James Folsom