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UV vs Polishing Filter (was Re: U V Sterilizers)

> Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 12:19:27 -0700
> From: Bob Adler <radler at pacbell_net>
> Subject: U V Sterilizers
> I am looking for opinions on what brand of U V Sterilizer to purchase for my
> 120 gal. planted Discus tank.  My main prob seems to be green water, but I
> want to hit on any parasites that might be in the water column.  I am using
> a 30 gal.wet/dry trickle which contains all of my aquarium hardware ie:
> heaters, CO2 reactor, etc.

Probably opening a can of worms by asking this on the list, but I've been
thinking about this since Bob and I talked the other day. I'll risk being
one of those irritating folks who answer a question with a question (because
I really would like to know).

What advantage would a UV sterilizer have, for the purposes Bob mentions,
over a good old micron "polishing" DE filter, like the Vortex I'm trying to
rebuild? Isn't the DE filter better for Euglena (green water), as well
Oodimium, Costia, Hexamita, Ich, etc. parasites, than a UV filter, anyway? I
thought the UV worked best on smaller bacteria on down (sub-micron stuff),
and that protozoans, flagellates, etc. and up were more resistant and less
likely to be killed, without long exposure.

[Please answer Bob's question first, but I hope the experts here can explain
the differences so that we can understand and make good choices.]


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