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Re: Are trades popular

 They are with me. I received some awesome plants (Java 'Wendelov',
Bolbitis, C. parva, 2 different chain swords and 3 Tiger lotus lily
bulbs) for my 4 Echinodorus Parviflora offsets. This was at the old
Plant Trader's board at Coolboard which has moved to Aimoo and appears
to be dead in the water. So it appears it isn't as popular with most.

Related subject: I last requested a trade for some Hairgrass for E.
parviflora and didn't get any takers. In the meantime I found an
Eleocharis montevidensis and found no mention of it in the archives.
Only sketchy technical descriptions on the web. Has anyone grown E.
montevidensis? It is rather tall but I am not sure it is suitable for
submersed cultivation. I have had it for a couple of weeks now and it is
still mostly green but doesn't seem to be growing any.

I would love to find E. vivipara or acicularis--or are they the same
>Hi everyone, 
>I am considering designing and creating a
>plant/fish/coral trade application on my
>website. My question is, is that something
>many aquarists are interested in? Since
>there are about 1500 members on this list,
>what do you think? Have any of you
>traded plants, fish etc online and do you
>feel you would visit or use such a site to
>find others to trade with? Please post
>here. Thanks! 
>Duane Clark
>AquaServe Aquarium Publications
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