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Plant attorney and Rotala

Cavan wrote:
> What do you mean by a narrower range of NO3s?  Lower?


> Mine were stable for a long time (so far as I could
> tell).  It just went down hill after awhile.  Perhaps
> it was outcompeted.  How specifically?  In what kind
> of tank would it do well then?  Just Java ferns?  How
> does Amano keep it in with other plants like he does?
> And why would keeping more stems help?

It might not. But that's when and where it did do the best for me.
You might be different but I think I've reproduced this a number of times
now. Got any of that L inciliata left:) Some of these plants are tough.
They will do real good for a time then stunted. R wallichii is not the only
plant that falls into this category. You asked what Amano does etc.
Do you honestly think he has a secret for each plant or a more general
approach to ALL plants?

Think about that for a moment. Now think about coming to the AGA meeting
were he is going to speak along with myself and asking him directly:)
> Also, why did my macrandra grow stunted leaves after
> trimming only to recover?

Mine didn't. I had that happen with Eustralis though. Others did not also.

>  Does pinching the stems off
> damage the plant?  Scissors better?  Why do pruned
> stems have such a hard time growing new shoots?!  Is
> it just me?  It's so irksome and frustrating!!!!

Well this means your raising your standards and getting better at this. This
is more a level you'll get through and be better at. Focus on the general
rather than the specific. Get good kits. Watch what the nutrients do. Try
different ratios, herbivores, foods etc. See if other have the same results
The work of many will be greater than the work of one.
>> Regarding the other stuff...quit it! Your wasting
>> your time and energy at
>> this point. Keep it off list and the plants ON list.
>> That will help all
>> involved.
> Huh?  Keep what off the list?

Perhaps you have not seen the off topic legal mumbo? Well darnit, now the
snails are pissed off and have retained counsel as well:) they want more
rotting plants to eat as the healthy ones just don't taste any good. It
seems that in fulfilling the plant's rights some of the gastropod minorities
have been...neglected.

But at least they have some representation in Libel cases about whether they
eat plants or not. Only so much pro bono work can be done to improve their
image and worth. I have offered such services in lieu of alga maintenance
and they have complied fully.

One of my latest clients, the shrimp, committed suicide (a jumper) recently
so these cases can become tragic indeed.
Tom Barr     
> Cavan