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Re: wallichii (was plant attorney)

>>What do you mean by a narrower range of NO3s? 
Mine were stable for a long time (so far as I could
tell).  It just went down hill after awhile.  Perhaps
it was outcompeted.  How specifically?  In what kind
of tank would it do well then?  Just Java ferns?  How
does Amano keep it in with other plants like he does? 
And why would keeping more stems help?  <<

I've managed to grow Wallichii successfully in a
planted-community.  Having said that, I have noticed
that it is the first to show signs of nutrient
deficiency.  The formerly red tops will start to
lighten towards white, that is, the newest growth
shows deficiency.  So in that sense, I suppose it is
outcompeted by other plants.  Solution:  add more of
your favorite micros, make sure you are ok with KH and
GH.  I don't know how keeping multiple stems would
help, unless it is under attack from something like
SAEs as others have reported.

>>Also, why did my macrandra grow stunted leaves after
trimming only to recover?  Does pinching the stems off
damage the plant?  Scissors better?  Why do pruned
stems have such a hard time growing new shoots?!  Is
it just me?  It's so irksome and frustrating!!!!<<

I pinch, I cut.  I haven't noticed a difference.  As
far as growth after pruning, it depends on your tank
conditions.  If your conditions are borderline for a
plant, then only the most vigorous part of the plant
(that is, the tip) will grow.  So in that case you
should replant the top after cutting.  In my tanks, I
cut macrandra, wallichii, ambulia very near the
bottom, and new shoots form.  But that won't be the
case for every tank.  One last point, it has been my
experience with wallichii, that if you cut the same
stem base too many times, it will eventually die (I'm
guessing maybe 5 generations).  So you do need to
replant shoots periodically.

>>Huh?  Keep what off the list? <<

I, like you, have no idea what he is talking about. 


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