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Re: Cladophora

I'd appreciate if those knowing what Cladophora looks like check the algae
under the Anubias in the "heads on" picture of my  ghost shrimp at:


Its the fourth picture from the top.  This algae started innocently enough
as a ball of green fluff in my aquarium, but got to the point where it
became an epidemic.  It looks and feels like fiber glass insulation.  It got
so tangled in my anabias roots that I couldn't remove it.  It ruined my
Lilaeopsis.  I finally took the tank down and started over.    To me it took
the crisp look away from the tank and made it look messy.  True, some bright
green algae on a piece of driftwood may seem pretty but this wasn't.  I
would be a bit leery about introducing algae to a tank unless I was totally
confident that I could control it.  I'm just not at that point yet.

Steve Pituch