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Plant attorney

Plant attorney. Who defends the plants? Who's going to stick up for them?
Well someone has to. It doesn't pay well but I like the job.

Cavan wrote:
> So, I think we've decided that wallichii needs quite
> low nutrient levels to do well.  But, what of GH?
> Based on my own experience and that of Tom Barr and
> others, many so called soft water plants do just fine
> in harder water (such as macrandra).  It seems that
> wallichii may be an exception.  Thoughts?

I think it just needs perhaps a more narrow range of NO3's. I've roasted it
due to this. Too little often. If it's en masse in your tank it responds
better than if you have just a few sprig's and it seems to be out competed
by some fast growers. SAE's attacked it.
> On a side note, why is it that so many sources of
> information on aquatic plants (like the Baensch
> Atlases) say that so many plants native to soft water
> cannot adapt to harder water?  How did this myth take
> hold?  What other plants really do adhere to this
> belief that is largely untrue?

I have not believed a book for some time. Walstad's was excellent for that
approach to tank keeping. But most of the others? I like them as reference
but much of what has been stated is not true in that book. Oh yea, I can
prove it:) Things have changed, new info is out there. Better communication
and using different tap waters etc. Ya just learn more these days.
> Thanks, Cavan  

Regarding the other stuff...quit it! Your wasting your time and energy at
this point. Keep it off list and the plants ON list. That will help all
Tom Barr