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>Somewhere I got the idea that if you touched wet silicone with your bare
>fingers, it would burn your skin. I clean forget where I got this, and it
>could have simply been my imagination. Does anyone know if it's safe to
>smooth out the wet silicone with your fingers?

I have used my fingers to spread and shape silicone many times with no
problem, other than that if you do not clean it off thoroughly, it sticks
to your fingers and has to be peeled off.

Be sure and clean the glass thoroughly where you are going to apply the new
silicone.  When I fixed a leaker 55 gallon, I removed all the inside
silicone with a single-edge razor blade, then cleaned with steel wool and a
cleanser with scouring powder.  I rinsed a number of times, siphoned the
water out and then cleaned up the last remainants of water with a clean
sponge.  I allowed several days for drying.  I didn't do it, but the advice
to do a last cleaning with rubbing alcohol sounds good.  That tank has been
in use now for 26 years with no further leaks.

Paul Krombholz, in  central Mississippi, getting back to normal June