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Vote with your feet, and your dollars

I am going to look at this from two perspectives - The Customer, and the

When I am dissatisfied with a product, I will call the vendor and let them
know. If we do not come to a mutual resolution, I vote with my feet and my
dollars: I will then walk and spend elsewhere and never return. I will also
let others who ask know the facts as to why I make such a decision and leave
it to their judgment to make up their own minds (Pretty much what I am
seeing here in the forum).

Rule #1: The customer is always right. Do ANYTHING possible to maintain a
good relationship with that customer. Not only will his business repeat, but
he will bring new customers as well.
Rule #2: NEVER, EVER sue a customer. Period. It causes bad publicity (case
in point).
Rule #3: Avoid bad press like the plague. It costs so little in $$$ and
manpower to please a customer, and a life-time recovering from a bad
experience that went public with a customer.

Does anyone remember the one about the guy who took his tires back to the
high-priced department store (Macy's, I think it was) claiming they were 60K
mile tires and they had worn out at 40K miles? The lady at the service desk
refused to replace the tires so the gentleman politely asked for the
manager. When the manager arrived, he agreed to refund the customer all of
his money even though the customer had lost his receipt.

When the customer left, the puzzled lady at the service desk said to the
manager," Why did you do that... We don't even sell tires."

The Manager replied, "I know.... but that customer will always remember that
he got good service here, and he will not only come back, but tell his
friends about it."

Moral of the story: Repeat business is the key to any serious and successful

True story.

- Jeff