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Re: [Redacted]

The business in question here, has failed to understand the driving force
behind e-commerce or internet business, which is word-of-mouth advertising,
many companies spend millions of dollars in advertising each year to push
their online businesses into your reach, yet none of these will have the
impact that word-of-mouth advertising can have, be it good or in this case
bad.  It simply boils down to good business, had they practiced good
business behavior, even after situations and problems had arisen with orders
in the past, I'm sure business would still be flowing their way.  How can
you sue for word-of-mouth advertising?  You can't.  People are a powerful
force, in this case it happens to be a rather large group of people fairly
well connected to each other, via e-mail.  It seems ridiculous to me to even
imagine this whole scenario even being brought to a courts attention.  It
all boils down to good business practices, and what the effect of bad
business decisions can have.  I know many companies online and off-line that
are very profitable, with NO advertising of any kind, and solely use
word-of-mouth advertising to stay in business, it is a powerful tool, and in
this case unfortunately has not been to their favor.  Personally, I am very
big on service and support,  even if a product didn't meet my expectations,
if the service I received was exemplary then I will more than likely do
business with them again.  If their service and support, or means of
communicating issues, is poor, or even worse, downright awful, I WILL advise
against that business if someone I know brings interest of that business to
my attention.

Nobody is advertising against them on this list, interest in purchasing from
them was brought up, and several people with prior experiences simply gave
their testimonials.  Had someone been spamming the list with negative
advertising for the company, it would be a different issue.  That is not the
case here.

I would have done the same thing if someone local to me, had questions about
local sources, I have my preference, and those I don't do business with


Just venting I guess...I apologize for the length.

From the sunny side of Florida,

Andres Mumma