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Another satisfied lurker!

I've been reading this list for a couple years now, and have learned much
from everyone. I currently have 2 planted tanks- a 10 gallon and a 55

The 10 was never a problem- it's rather low tech, low light, no CO2, very
light fish load. The plants have always grown well and I have only to scrape
a bit of algae off the glass now and then.

The 55 is another story. I've battled BGA- and won. Then it was this nasty
green hairy stuff that just about took over the tank- all over the glass,
plants, just about everything. Nothing I did seemed to help- after I scraped
the tank down, it would reappear within a day or so. The recent discussions
on just this sort of problem here on the list gave me some ammunition to go
after it with, however. And I must add my thanks to Tom Barr and the others
who kept repeating the same advice over and over- because it worked! I added
CO2 (currently in the form of 2 DYI yeast bottles, but hopefully to become a
tank soon!), stopped adding the extra iron fertilizer and upped the nitrates
in the tank. It's taken a few weeks, but with my additional manual removal
and water changes, I have very little of the stuff left in there, and the
plants are starting to look much better! So, thanks again- this list is a
tremendous resource.


I'm not a complete idiot- several parts are missing.

It's funny how the earth never opens up and swallows you when you want it
        -Xander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Teacher's Pet"