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Re: Quick denitrification

Hi Paul 

I'm generally a lurker...but I find your post very interesting, esp around
denitrification process using dried liver.  You indicated that this method
increase the ammonia. Therefore, assuming that you have a normal nitrifying 
filter in place (eg canister, wet/dry...etc) that would take care of the
in ammonia levels, and end-result in again NO3 production. So, wouldn't 
having a normal nitrifying filter and a liver-denitrifying filter in the
same tank just
result in a vicious cycle. 

Just curious...


>Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 07:03:10 -0500
>From: krombhol at teclink_net (Paul Krombholz)
>Subject: 'Quick' denitrification
  An interesting variation on
>this set-up is to bury, not oatmeal flakes, but pieces of dried liver in
>the gravel.  You will still get denitrification, but there will be an
>increase in ammonia.  Again, you have flexibility with the size of the
>container, the amount of dried liver, etc.
>If you are interested in experimentation, it is an interesting system to
>play with.  If you want to reduce nitrate, this system should be a lot
>simpler to install, control and remove than the rather complex ones
>developed for seawater systems.
>Paul Krombholz, in  central Mississippi, not getting as much rain as