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Is it not true that, when making a purchase decision, how a vendor or
manufacturer behaves towards the other members of the marketplace is
just as important and the quality of the product it sells or

When a vendor or manufacturer is abusive towards customers or makes
unsupported, grandiose claims for a product, then ought we not to avoid
those vendors regardless the product?  Isn't the behavior an
appropriate and adequate reason to decide not to patronize?

As Lenny Bruce once said (and I paraphrase) the beautiful thing about a
free and open economy is that, if you you don't like how you're being
treated at Macy's, you can walk out of the store and go to Gimbels.

Ought we not vote with out wallets also if, not just ourselves, but
people we trust report mistreatment or objectionable business behavior
by a vendor or manufacturer?  I believe so and imagine most others do

I think all vendors make mistakes from time to time, lose an order,
misscharge an item, fail to state that an item is out of stock, etc,
that generate complaints from customers -- what they do about the
mistakes and how they handle the complaints is as important as the
original mistakes.  Hey, some of my favorite companies are not perfect!

That wouldn't stop me from patronizing that company.  In fact, I wrote
and suggested some simple changes that I thought would improvement the
site.  [Redacted]
 The nails the issue for me.


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