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Voluntary, Rolling Blackout

I hope you'll join me and thousands of others around the country in a
fun, personal, symbolic
action -- a voluntary, rolling blackout -- on the first day of summer,
next Thursday June 21st,
from 7 to 10 PM.

This idea has spread like wildfire on the Internet.  Yes, we need to
keep up the pressure on
elected officials, but sometimes it's important to act directly, even if
the action is purely
symbolic.  "Roll your own blackout" is a poetic and direct response to
the irresponsible
behavior of energy suppliers, utilities, and government officials.
We're in this together, and
in the end, we hold the power.

Please join us in the blackout.  If you plan to participate, please say
so at:


Organizers would like to alert the news media as to the expected