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Re: Cladophora

Thanks Karen! You just identified the algae in my tank
that I was curious about a couple of months ago. My
driftwood is slowly being covered by this and I LOVE
it. It is totally gorgeous. If only it would start on
the rocks, that would make the riccia carpets looks
shameful. My patches seem to be a favorite "grazing"
site. The ghost shrimp tend to congregate on it when
they are younger (I have a plague of them of all
sizes) and they stick their mouth parts down into it.
I presume there is some sort of infusoria there that
they like. Interestingly the discus (I only have small
ones right now) also seem to like to pick in it. 

Tom I am hoping to go to AGA so put me on the list for
a ball of the stuff. My wife is going to be having our
second child in August, but she thought it sounded
like a fun trip (crossing my fingers that she will get
into aquariums some). I think the main attraction for
her is the Aquarium (I hear it is awesome). We will
probably only get to go for one day, since the baby
willhave to come. Which day should provide the most
fun stuff?


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