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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1083

IF you look closely, you will notice that only the rim of the bottom of
the tank contacts the stand in almost all cases.  All the weight is
transferred to the bottom of the bottom rim.  Ask any reputable tank
manufacturer and it will tell you to support the tank rim all the way
around the tank.  So a better stand is a good idea.  Although I have
seen "abusive" set-ups such as you describe lst for years without any

If you have a leak, then water is passing between the joints.  BUT
removing the plastic rims from the panes is necessary if you want to
separate the panes.  Removing the rims is very difficult--the silicone
that is on the edge of the panes under the plastic cannot easily be cut
away and prevents just lift the rims off.  You might want to check that
the maker of your tank can provide new rims should one break when you
try to remove.  If you get good contact on the CLEAN inside surfaces,
you will probably seal the joints even if you don't cut apart the
And it might be worth a try rather than do the rim removal routine.
But, if the silicone is visibly parted between the glass, it's more
likely to alllow movement and generate new leaks.  Once silicone breaks
looswe, it doesn't seal worth a darn.  That was the one advantage of
the "tar" type sealers used before the advent of silicone caulking.

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