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Aquascaping Contest Update

Hi there, from the AGA Aquascaping Contest.  For those new to the APD this
year, we held the first Aquascaping Contest last year in response to some
posts here about aquascaping style in different parts of the world.  When
the contest closed, we had a website full of styles from real people, all
over the world that anyone can visit for ideas, or just for fun.  The
event was written up in more than a few magazines, including PAM, TAG, and
Aquarium Heute.

Hopefully you guys are all getting your tanks ready to enter this
summer... just a reminder, the deadline is September 15th this year, a
little earlier than last time so we can announce the winners at the AGA
Convention.  I've (hopefully) made the website a little easier for
entering online this year: you can upload your photos directly to the
contest site now; no pesky e-mailing pictures.  And of course, you can
still enter the old fashioned way by postal mail; your photos will be
lovingly scanned in, and your text painstakingly typed by our expert
staff. :)

See the website for more details:  http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org

Some of you were gritting your teeth, wishing you could have won that
bowfront tank last year.. well, now you can try again...  sort of.  The
winner of the tank lives in Norway, and All-Glass only delivers to the US,
so we've put the item up for bid on EBay. Here's the URL:  

  - Erik

PS: Yes, the AGA Convention brochure/registration is now online too.  See
http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org for details.  Amano!  Amano!  Amano!  Tom
Barr!  Tom Barr!  Tom Barr!

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com