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fan noise on CF hood

Flourescent lights, as a rule oerate at their peak when they are abut
125 to 150 degrees F.  If too cool, not enough of the mercury inside is
vaporised (the ionized mercury vapor carries the electric arc across
the tube).  This is why the efficiency of a flourescent tube is
determined by the coolest portion of the tube.

On the other hand.  If too hot, the filaments at the ends of the tubes
can prematurely vaporize, which is what blackens the ends of
flourescent tubes as they age. 

It is quite possible that you wil notice an higher tank temperature,
especially in the summer when ambient tempeeratures might be higher, if
you turn off the fan.  Without the fan, less heat is removed directly
into the room and more can go directly into the tank.  But you probably
won't noticeably hurt your Power compacts if they are on decent
ballasts that properly limit their current.  Even if they age a little
prematurely, you are probably not using them for their full life
anyway--you are probably replacing them at about half life, because
under any circumstances their output degrades with age.

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