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I've had both conditions where it's stunted and where it's grown quite fast
requiring lots of prunings(weekly). Clean water, low in N and high in P,
deep gravel, 3 watts or more of light/gallon, no SAE's and both hard and
soft water. I'll say that it does seem to do better in softer water, low N
with PO4's.
Lower NO3's cause more red color in most Rotala sp. Try a diet of higher P
and lower N. The reds will pop out. Do not go too far, like most of you do
on this list:)
 No N and you will stunt your plant. Be careful if you try low N. Get a good
kit or guess real good etc. Low levels can be sucked up and plant health can
be affected in two days or 3 perhaps depending on initial health. For some
this narrow range might not be convenient. So it's not for everyone.

Like I said above, I've done both:) It takes a fool to know one. I have been
one for a long long time:) Still going strong. So there.

Tom Barr