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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1083

OK, while I was waiting for the next digest to come I drained the tank
half-way and then started pulling out plants. Laterite billowed out
turning the water into coffee! Ouch! However, after I removed the plants,
the fish didn't give me as much trouble catching them as I expected (I
did spend some time chasing bits of gravel I mistook for corydoras...).
Now the fish are in the ten-gallon in my room and the plants that lived
are in a tub on the back patio. Some of the gravel went in the tub with
the plants, the rest is sitting nearby in a bucket. Now only a quarter of
an inch of water is left in the tank.

Looking at the replies, what I'm wondering is, do I have to disassemble
the tank? Can I just strip off the silicone on the inside and replace it,
or do I have to take the panes apart from each other and reseal the
silicone in there? (Sounds like fun! . . . not)

BTW, I think I need a new stand. I bought the tank itself used, and the
stand came with it, but I have come to the conclusion that the stand was
not built for the tank. I just realized that all along one end of the
tank hung 1/2" BEYOND THE EDGE OF THE STAND!!! That section of the rim
(holding up 350 pounds!) was HANGING OVER AIR!!! Why didn't I notice this
before? (Maybe because I didn't want it to be true...) Time to hit the
garage sales.

Thanks for the help, though. :-) This is why I LOVE the internet. :-)

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