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re: Rotala wallichii

Hey Cavan, and all,

I grow R. wallichii in a 20 long with a 55w pc strip (6700k) and a 20w NO flourescent (GE sunshine), DIY CO2, and Flourite/peat substrate. My tap water is *very* soft at 1Gh/Kh and Ph of 6.8-6.9 which falls to about 6.4-6.5 with CO2. I have to add CaCO3 and epsom salts regularly or deficiency quickily ensues! I usually shoot for 3-4 Gh/Kh.

N is usually 10-20 mg/liter. K is added regularly through the week. Phosphates depend....I sometime will use a phosphate resin because my tap is very high. I'm not sure how much has precipitated in my substrate, but I don't see any deficiency. I only add calcium, magnesium, and potassium to the water column.

R. wallichii grows faster than any of my plants, except for maybe H. polysperma. I bought mine from Aquarium Center in Maryland. They were magnificent to begin with and, as with most delicate plants, usually the key to success is starting with good stock.

If it matters, it is housed with glossostigma, micranthemum, H. polysperma, and Sagitarria subulata. Also, about 7 Celebes rainbows and 15 Caridinia japonica......and pond snails (hehe) 

Hope this helps you on your way,
John Wheeler

P.S....anyone in the Delaware area is more than welcome to come cuttings. Contact me off list.