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Re: Power Compact Flourescents

All the bulbs are, more or less, interchangable, depending on two things.
One, they have to be the same wattage.  Most ballasts can handle either 36W
or 55W bulbs, though....  Second, they have to be the same configuration.
There are at least two configurations for pins out there.  The German or
European style, which is most common, and the Japanese.  The German style
has the pins arranged in a sort of square shape, while the Japanese style
has them all in a row.

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I was wondering if all Compact Fluorescent bulbs are interchangeable.  I
have JBJ Lighting system. Could I replace the bulb with another brand or
type of CF or do I have to stick with their brand.  I don't know much
about CF, but I didn't know if there were standard bulbs like T-12.  I am
looking to put some less expensive bulbs in if possible.  I would love to
have a source of CF bulbs that are not so expensive.