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Tube life, peat and thanks

Hi folks

The lighting questions have been done to death but recently Tom Barr (I think) mentioned that the he was still using the higher quality fluroescent tubes after 6 months (please correct me if that is wrong) so what I was hoping someone might know is whether two tubes I have replaced (but kept) after 6mths would still be usuable they are: 30 W, JBL Solar Natur daylight/full spectrum tubes with a 6000K colour temperature.

Also I want to thank Tom Barr for his advice on fertilsers in my tank: I have been using potassium sulfate without trace elements and decent regular water changes (have iron rich substrate) and things are going great (ie little 2cm 2-3 yr old surviving hygrophila angustifolia twig is now huge 20ish cm and beautiful)- I am still dosing potassium nitrate which is being used so fast BUT I think it might have something to do with the spathiphylum in my sump. Thanks again Tom and everyone else on the list.
Damian Barton.